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    TDS Intern Site

    I worked with the web design team on updating TDS’ intern page. I looked through statistics, including intern-employment conversion rates, and company photos to make the website more appealing.

  • TDS Telecom

    Social Media

    Through Hootsuite and direct access, another one of my core responsibilities was running TDS Telecom’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Throughout 2019, I was responsible for nearly all public relations material regarding the TDS 50 for 50 Golden Year of Giving initiative. In addition to writing the press releases and distributing them to local media, I also posted them to Twitter and Facebook. Below are the company’s feeds. https://www.facebook.com/TDSTelecommunications/

  • Journalism 411: Multimedia Design

    Pinnacle Hockey Camp

    Similar to the Personal Identity project where I created Barge Brews, my Multimedia Design course gave me another opportunity to express my creativity with a hypothetical client. For this project, I chose to develop a hockey camp. Using the same programs as before, I developed a company logo, bumper sticker, interactive camp locations map, and a business suite. Logo Interactive Camp Locations Map Bumper Sticker Business Card Letterhead Envelope

  • Comm Arts 355: Media Production

    “All I Ever Wanted”

    In my Media Production course, I learned about the art of filmmaking. In addition to learning what goes in to creating quality films and professional video, I also learned a great deal about editing and post production with the Adobe program Premier Pro. Below is the dramatic narrative film I created in the course.

  • Journalism 411: Multimedia Design

    Wisconsin Public Utility Institute

    In association with four classmates, I was assigned the task of updating the annual report for the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute (WPUI). In the group project, we also redesigned the organization’s social media accounts. Below are examples of our group’s 2019 report, as well as the social suites for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 2019 Report Social Media Suites

  • Journalism 411: Multimedia Design

    Barge Brews

    In my Multimedia Design course, one of our primary projects was to create a company from scratch and develop its online identity. For my project, I chose to make a Madison-based brewery called Barge Brews. This is something me and my brother, Kory, have talked about potentially opening at some point in the distant future. This project gave me valuable experience with various programs and applications including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and WordPress. My designs included a logo, product map, social media components, a business suite, and a beer list. Click here to visit my website for Barge Brews. Company logo Interactive Beer Locator Social Avatars Twitter Banner…

  • Badger Herald

    Badger Herald Stories

    Prior to my internship at TDS Telecom, I gained valuable experience as a sports writer for the Badger Herald Independent Student Newspaper. Writing for the Herald allowed me the opportunity to apply my journalistic skillset to a subject that I have always been passionate about: college hockey. The media passes from the Newspaper allowed me the opportunity to meet and interview some of the best athletes in the country. Below are a couple examples of my work.